Viking Workshop

Preface: Viking Workshop is a company that sells handmade Viking-themed jewelry. The company's primary revenue source is Etsy. They wanted to build a brand to reach new levels of revenue.

The Objective: The primary task was to start a brand new site with the right positioning and optimize it for conversion of visitors to customers.
Given the nature of the company and its niche, our marketing specialists had to become a rabid fan of Vikings and the culture, lore, and gods to be able to get a full understanding of what drives the target audience.

The Solution: After Business Drive's competitive analysis, the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors were uncovered. The team also discovered and studied the marketing tricks that the competitors were employing to attract and keep the customers. The target audience and social network analysis allowed us to optimize the structure of the product categories in relation to the target audience's interests, wants, and needs.

The Result: Due to the analysis, strategy formulation, and implementation, Viking Workshop's website was properly positioned in its target market. On the day that the advertising campaign was officially launched, the website had an average conversion rate of 10% and 15% from the Instagram traffic.


mary point

Preface: MaryPoint, a very progressive company that sells high-quality women's bags in the US, approached us to help them increase their sales. The main problem of the company was the lack of sales from the site, and foreign marketing agencies were asking for large advertising budgets to help them promote their business and attract new customers.

The Objective: The primary task was to identify the needs of women in the US who are on the market for a bag. This was followed by a formulation of the best strategy for attracting new customers and promoting the brand.
For what it seemed like a simple task at first, Business Drive ended up deep into the realms of US fashion. We had to uncover what kind of bags women were buying, have a deep understanding of the fashion trends and dynamics of the current environment and the environment for the next 5 years.

The Problem: The competition in the accessories niche is very big. The company had little knowledge of the true competition and had difficulty in penetrating the US market.

The Solution: After conducting a thorough and detailed market research, a new and trending market with low competition was identified. According to data analysis, the demand for bags, clothing and fashion accessories that don't use fur with animal origins and genuine leather was on the rise. MaryPoint was then repositioned to take advantage of this rising trend.
The Result: As a direct result of our detailed and thorough marketing research, MaryPoint is now making stable revenue of more than $20,000 per month from the US market only.

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